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African Swine Fever

ASF is getting closer every day with the newest location being in the Dominican Republic it is literally at our doorstep. and set to enter the Americas without prevention

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African Swine Fever (2).png

Prevention Doesn't Happen By Accident, Infection Does

You can't sit by hoping and praying that ASF will not visit your system. You have to be focused and proactive in your approach to prevention if you want to have a fighting chance. 

African Swine Fever (2).png

Cloverleaf Biosecurity check-up

Our 50+ point inspection will look at all aspects of your system helping to defend against more than ASF. 

  • Feed and water

  • Pest control.  

  • Barriers 

  • Cleaning and sanitation

  • Waste disposal 

  • Building maintenance 

  • Employee education 

  • Transporters 

  • Many other topics

Employee program compliance is a big part of getting it right. Having a good program that isn't followed is the same as not having one.

We can also help small producers create an easy-to-follow program that fits their needs.

When you're ready to make your system

as safe as possible  

CloverLeaf is here to help.


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