Current Animal Welfare Officer Courses  

Global Animal Welfare officer Certification for Harvest Plant Leaders 

A 12-hour course that consists of 6 independent learning modules, two separate instructor lead classes, and an exam.

1. Animal care, welfare, and evaluation

2. System evaluation/ Hazard analysis

3. Robust Program Creation

4. Manager/ Trainer preparedness

5. Laws and regulations

6. Internal process review

7. Troubleshooting

8. Emergency response training


*Suitable for Swine, bovine, and Poultryin-plant Managers or Quality Assurance Leaders.

The tuition fee is $450 USD inside the US which includes a textbook, Temple Grandin's Slaughter of Farmed Animals.

For learners outside the US, the fee will be 400 USD but does not include a textbook 

Please submit your CV or Resume today for consideration. 

English Courses


Cursos en Español

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Cursos em Portugues

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